Saturday, July 4, 2009

Unequal Distribution of Fortune

My family had these two maids; Margaret and Joy. I sort of talked about them in Life of the Underdogs. I recall that when Margaret first joined the family I could not eat anything she prepared. She smelt (or is it "smelled") really bad and every time she made something it just smelt like her to me. Shredded chicken with a side of smelling armpits. It was bad!She improved with some Sure. Margaret had this look that used to chase me out of the kitchen so I could never cook while she was there and its no surprise that I still can't cook. Joy on the other hand was funny. Skinny as F**K with the face of that guy in "A Bug's Life".

Anyway. It came the time when they had to leave. Margaret found a husband and left with my parents' blessing but Joy's life took a less fortunate turn.

(On a side note why do help's always seem to leave at the same time?)

I wouldn't call Joy promiscuous. She wasn't but my mum did have security camera's installed for her benefit when she caught her leaving the house at odd hours to "visit men". Close to the end Joy became very emotional, flaring more and more frequently. Her mosquito legs also started to fill out and my mum started to get worried. Turns out Joy was "preggies". Obviously, mum goes, "Has he gone to see your people?".

He hadn't and he never did.

Joy had her beautiful boy who could have grown into a a beautiful man if he was well catered for. One day Joy went to see the father of her baby and upon her return her legs were swollen. This wasn't healthy weight, it was bordering elephantiasis. Her baby died soon afterward. Turns out, baby daddy had been poisoning her. He didn't want to get tied down so "why not kill the mother of my child".Joy was still breastfeeding and the poison was transferred from mother to child. He died. Joy was still alive and I hoped she would get better. But what's life to her without her bundle of joy?

Joy is dead now...the poison infiltrated her system but a mon avis, it was grief that killed her.

RIP Joy.


  1. woooooooooow
    can't recall her though
    r.i.p joy.

    y u up early?
    call me

  2. so unfortunate...
    it's a cruel world!
    RIP joy!

  3. Sorry ive been MIA guys but you know how Nigeria is. Promise to stop by your blogs.

    I was quite shocked myself. Will do.

    It is really sad but it`s life...totally unfair.

    What`s really sad is that the mofo that did it would go without punishment.

    You got it right...nothing rosy about the world we live in.