Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ancient Flames

So, I ran into Mayowa this weekend. Yes, lip raping Mayowa.

I was at a club with my friends taking a tour of the perimeter. I saw him and we hugged. I scrutinized him and he me. `You look good`, he said, his eyes boring into mine.I promptly plasted a smug smile on my face. I don`t know about you lot but I like to know a guy is still attracted to me even after we split.

We kept running into each other. I made it a point to hug other guys in his line of view. Dance with them. We didn`t have a clean break. Far from. He was rushing. I wanted to take it slow think things through. I couldn`t stop him from ravishing me. I was having too much fun. At the same time I`m not one for casual flings. We had a real difference of opinion because he just wanted to get in my pants. So I did something drastic.

He came to my house. I prentended I wasn`t home. I knew if I saw him that would be it. I would let him do whatever. He knew I was in and got really mad at me. I didn`t care. He started talking to my sister`s friend. Yup right downstairs in my house. She was willing and they hit it off. They started dating in less than a week. Good riddance but that doesn`t mean I wasn`t angry. Which is why I always feel the need to get him riled up.

He brushed past me on the dance floor and I put my hand on his forearm, barely restraining him. He pulled me to his chest with an alarming force that only served to turn me on. We started dancing. Well sort of dancing. He held me very close and I clung to him my hand gripping his back. I didnt want to look at him but when I did his eyes nearly undid me. Talk about intense. I bit the side of my lip- an annoying indication that I was quite turned on. My knees found his crotch. Hard on. My legs wobbled a bit but he held me up. He ran his hand down from my waist where they rested. Gaining confidence he lay them to rest on my backside. I looked up at him and it was quite clear what he wanted. His hand moved up and stop beneath my breasts. He followed the trail severally. I couldnt let him continue so I turned around.Bad idea. He tried to get up my dress. FUCK NO. I helped his hands find a respectable place on my waist. He pulled me away from the dance floor.

I knew he was trying to get me into a corner. We`d probably makeout and feel each other up a bit and at the moment I didn`t mind much. It was dark but soon the doorway became clear. It was the restroom. Suddenly, realization struck lifting the haze from my eyes. `You are fucking crazy` and with that I left him standing alone unsated.

Ode oshi.


  1. LOOOOL!
    This was funny o!
    See as u give d boy blue balls.

  2. Lol..
    Sounds like dude had plans..

  3. mehn, dat some off-warning ehn. gud one though

  4. and the title of this post is ftw!

  5. Maiya!!!!its been a while since uve been on here!!