Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life of the Underdogs

Today I must introduce you to the underdogs. The people that make life less arduous a task but in the background lead full complicated lives themselves. Unfortunately, they are a little less privileged. I love most of them to death, others I cant stand and Mr Justus just frustrates the crap out of me. I mean he makes me want to defaecate in public whilst expelling fumes of anger from my ears. Involuntarily of course.

Emeka-Security guard
Joy-Former Maid
Margeret-Former Maid and friend of joy
Justus-Crazy Security guard

Oluchi is the verbose troublemaker that basically runs the house because she is in everyone's good graces. It turns out that one weekend when my parents were away Matthew, our university educated driver with a statistics degree, came to pick her up for a "date". When my parents returned, the security guard Emeka, in a palsy attempt to get on my parents' good side whilst kicking Oluchi out of the VIP list,reported the "illicit" activity to the authorities. My parents promptly called Oluchi in for questioning.

Mum:Oluchi so did you go anywhere when we were away. (Notice this is not a question)
Oluchi: Emm...Yes mummy I went to Daytona down the road.
Mum: So how did you get there?
Oluchi: I took Okada.
Mum: So Matthew didn't come to pick you up in a car?
Oluchi: Em...he just came for some time ....he just-
Mum: But didn't you just say that you took okada?

Did I mention Oluchi was a trouble maker? Well my parents happened to go out of town again and this time Oluchi was out for revenge. Upon my parents return Oluchi came crying to my mother.

Oluchi:Mummy, Emeka beat me when you were not here. He said I gave him rotten beans but the beans was Ok.


  1. Hey sweets thaks for stopping by my blog!!!!
    yes these people do make life easier for us!!!
    oluchi is funny sha!!!
    and yes i did lok better when my gap was closed!!!!like an aquafresh model!!!

  2. Lol.. At least she didn't cry rape..
    Emeka for hear am..

  3. ~Tinu~
    Really? I think I'm going to get on that, you don't even know how many questions I have for you.

    Emeka heard oh...he took it out on the boyfriend. Will write about it some other time.

  4. ~Tinu~
    My sincere condolences by the way. May his soul rest in perfect tranquility.