Monday, June 29, 2009


I constantly busy myself with the absurd normalities of life. I fill my thoughts with minor insecurities, constantly worrying about the minute details. Then once in a while I am confronted with some of the harsh realities I avoid facing by occupying myself with what we call life; you know' hair appointments, education, shopping, parties and every once in a while church. When it is someone's death, even that of a distant relation or friend, its is brutal, almost painful. For me when I am wrenched from civilization, unable to communicate with anyone via telephone or internet, the big questions begin to surface.

What is my life really about?

Have I so far led a purposeful existence?

Am I wanted?

Am I loved?

Would I be missed?



  1. we are wanted!
    we are all loved!
    we all will be missed!
    we just have to accomplish what we have been sent to do.

    Life is all about learning,growing,living,loving!

  2. Are we..?
    Will we..?
    Should we..?
    What will..?
    Will it...?

    The questions never end.
    Lets just thank God for his infinite mercies..
    What else is there?

  3. Question we all ask least the sensible ones among us,

    What's life really about?
    Everyone has to have personal answer to that.

    Have you so far led a purposeful life?
    If you think you can do more then there's work to be done

    Am I wanted?
    Did you commit a crime? lol

    Am I loved?
    Love is everywhere, you've probably come across it a couple of times!

    Wud you be missed?
    Yes...if ur answers to the other questions are either optimistic or positive